Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can't Sleep

Well, it is 5:30 in the morning and I can not sleep. Since nothing good was on t.v. I decided to come downstairs are check out blogs. Everyone is doing a great job updating so I decided to go ahead and update mine. I know everyone has axiously been awaiting this.

Wolfe's therapy ended. He was in IBI (Intensive Behavioral Intervention) for the past 3 years and since the state will only pay for three years of private therapy it ended. Unfortunately, that meant we had to lose our therapist who we loved. The first two hears of therapy were wasted on very very VERY crappy therapist until we got Chris. The last year he got Wolfe to be able to understand and to start communicating. He is also starting to learn how to spell and because of this his behaviors are much better. We are sad to lose him. I think I am the most sad. Wolfe likes his new therapist but I am still having a hard time adjusting and miss Chris so much. We had him over for dinner a few weeks ago and we will have him over again. His new therapist (Alora) is nice. She has been doing developmental therapy for awhile and I hope together we can get Wolfe talking more independantly. The other night I was watching Judge Judy and Wolfe came out of his room and got right in my face and started saying, "Backa!" I was just like, "Yeah yeah, backa, go back to bed." He was persistent and kept saying "backa". I was starting to lose patience and so I said, "Wolfe! What do you want?!" I was totally shocked when he said (and signed),"I...want...BACKA!!!" As he yelled Backa he did the bubble sign. I figured out pretty quickly that he wanted popcorn. I was so impressed that I turned the t.v. off and spent the next little while working with him to talk more. I can ask him if he is happy or sad and he can answer. It is very fun.

Teddy and Wini have been having a very good summer. They are bestest friends and play so cute together. A couple nights ago (everything happens at night around here) Teddy was running down the stair and ran into Wini. He was screaming and there was blood everywhere. It took awhile to calm him down and figure out what was bleeding (it was the inside of his lip that his tooth cut up). The whole family was gathered around him giving him sympathy and asking if he was okay. Once the bleeding stopped and everyone was calmed down, I noticed that Wini was giving me the dirtiest look. I looked at her forehead which had a big goose egg and I vaguely remember her crying in the background during the commotion but since she had no blood, she got no love. She was pretty mad about it. I took Teddy to the doctor the next day to have his lip looked at and as soon as the doctor walked in the room Wini said,"It's okay, my head feels all better." If you knew how much attention she normally gets, it is funnier. Teddy's lip was fine by the way. His mouth just looks like the joker and it will take a week or two to heal.

Our PCS kid is doing well. She is very dramatic but I guess that is a 16 year old for you. She has been grounded for the past 6 weeks and gets ungrounded in less than a week. I am dreading it because I much prefer her at home where I can keep an eye on her. I don't think she thought I would seriously be able to stick it out this long but it was surprisingly easy to follow through. I don't think this will be the last time she gets grounded but maybe she will be able to stay ungrounded for a little while at least.
A month ago we took a second PCS child. She had a history of aggression due to her disability so we only would take her on a trial basis. We agreed to one month. We got her June 29th and so far everything was going well. She was very helpful and loved the kids. She was only 12 but she was big. Last night things went bad with her and I had to have her removed from the house. I don't think I am aloud to go into detail so all I will say is I am fine, she is fine and none of the kids even saw what happened. Morgan and I have decided to not let her come back which is disappointing because we really liked her and I am sad about what is going to happen to her. That is the reason why I can not sleep. I have to go to court in four hours for her and I have to tell her mom that I can not take her back. Her mom is a wonderful lady and I really hope she can find a home for her daughter. She deserves to be raised with a family. I now have an opening for a child but right now I feel sad about the one I could not help so I think I will wait awhile before I accept another. There are so many children out there that need a home. No child deserves to be raised in a group home or hospital because of a disability. If anyone is interested in becoming a PCS provider feel free to contact me to get info. There is a huge need for it.
Well, Morgan and I decided to start going back to church when we got PCS kid #1. It had been a few years since we had gone regularly. No particular reason for not going except just being lazy. Anyways, our second Sunday back, they pulled us out of sunday school and asked us to be primary teachers. I thought it was a little premature of them but we accepted and now I have to go to church. The kids all love it and I am glad we are going again but I sure do wish I could go to church and get a break from kids. I am really looking forward to school starting again and having a routine. Summers in Idaho are frustrationg because it doesn't get dark until after 10:00. When I was younger I LOVED it but now that I have little kids, it is annoying. So we all stay up too late and wake up late. School keeps us in a regular routine and I am missing that.