Monday, December 31, 2007

We...had...the time of our lives...and we owe it all to youuuuu!

Morgan and I were a little sick of the same old same old (dinner and a movie) so to spice up the marriage we decided to take dance lessons. It was a complete success! We have never been closer! I brought the camera along and had the dance instructor take a picture of us during our recital. Don't worry, we were wearing our G's, they just crept up.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here is the video of Frances being silly. She is so cute!

Happy Birthday, Frances!

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good day and gets LOTS of presents. We love you and miss you and hope we get to see you again soon. I tried to download a very cute video of you being wierd and I couldn't figure it out :(

Monday, December 17, 2007


Happy Birthday Dad! You are such a great dad and Grandpa. We appreciate evrything you do for us and love you very much. I don't have very many pictures of you without Wolfe because he will never leave your side when you are around but I did find a few. Hope you have a great day!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Tonight was our annual Bailey Christmas Party. We have a world famous white elephant party and we usually spend the whole year looking for that perfect gift. This year we got a rat for Morgan's gift to give. David was the lucky winner. After about 10 or 15 minutes of everyone screaming and freaking out we put the rat in a corner by the front door. At the end of the night David conveniently left the rat behind. I could tell that Casey really really wanted the rat but Holly would no way go for it and Amy forced us to take it out of her house. So now we have a new pet...until Friday night when we go to another Christmas party and can pawn him off. Teddy will be devastated. Please tilt your head to the side to look at the pictures.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

For anyone who wants to see morgan's A list celeb encounter, go to:

My Star Sighting

It seems as though everyone has had a star sighting lately. Anna saw the guy from survivor, Tom with Adrian Brody, Corey with Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie, and Morgan even had a run-in with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. I don't mean to brag but I too have had my own personal experience with an A list celebrity.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Meeting Santa

Today was my parents ward Christmas Party. Here are a few pictures for everyone to enjoy.

My mom feeding Wini. She is fun to feed.
Her just beng sweet.
Wolfe is very nervous.
Teddy requsted that we draw out a picture for Santa.

He wanted to make sure that Santa knew he wanted his

robot from a store, not made by an elf.

Wolfe wasn't going to sit on this perverts lap.

Wini was the only one not afraid of Santa
Wini still hungry as usual.
Teddy just has to copy everything Wini does.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No No, This Is My Page

I changed templates to make it more festive and I also changed my music to Christmas music. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

You might be a red neck....

This is Teddy's first hunting trip. Morgan took him about a month ago but I am a little slow at getting things done. They did see a few deer but could not shoot because they didn't bring bullets for the gun. Teddy had fun though and he thought he was really hunting deer so it was fine. Maybe in about 10-12 more years I will let Morgan take bullets...MAYBE.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here are some more picture of our Thanksgiving. We had mom and dad over to our house for dinner. Wolfe's therapist also came. Amy was with her in laws so it was just the 8 of us. It may sound like a lot to some but I am used to groups of 20 or more so it was small but very nice and relaxing. We made lots of food and it was very yummy.

<-- I love this picture of dad. Typical dad putting something in his ears. He was probably telling a joke too.

Here is mom watching Teddy play. Every time she looked away, he would make her look at him again.

<--Teddy insisted that I take a picture of his transformer.

This is Chris, Wolfe's IBI therapist. His family lives in Ohio so he came to our house for dinner. Wolfe wouldn't leave him alone and at one point was laying like a baby in his lap.

<--I know I say this a lot but she is cute. This isn't even Thanksgiving day but...

Here are the boys (Wolfe and Teddy). I like how Teddy is trying to protect himself because he knows Wolfe is in a bad mood.

My little silly bear. He kept wanting me to take his picture doing something funny and then he has to look at it immediately afterwards.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is my pretty little girl on Thanksgiving. I got her all dressed up and then asked Morgan to please do her hair (I really did ask that nicely) and he brushed out half of it and then said he is all done because she wasn't enjoying it. So that is not how her hair usually is (well actually it is but only after a few hours).

My Thanksgiving

After slaving away on the stove all day to make a nice meal for my family, my little Wolfie would have nothing to do with it. So this what wolfe got to eat. I gave into him because I wanted him to sit with the family and eat. It worked.

This meal consists of ramen noodles and chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs (in case you can't tell). He did also eat a roll too.

So I keep trying to do a post with multiple pictures and it doesn't work the way I want it to. SO I am going to do a whole bunch of post of my Thanksgiving so I can get all the pictures. Feel free to comment on everything and tell me how cute my kids are.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Morgan now has a blog. His address is I recommend everyone checking it out and listening to his fantastic music (especially "Sliegh ride" by various artist and "The 8 Days of Christmas" By Destiny's Child). Make sure you leave comments so that he feels popular.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007


Carrie or Wini: Who is better?

I woke up that morning with an eerie feeling. I kept trying to shake it off but it just wouldn't go away. The kids were good that day and I got a lot accomplished. That night I was going to take the kids to a friends house. It was stormy outside and looked a little cold. Wini and Teddy had asked for some apples. So I cut up some apples into wedges and got them each their own caramel cups to dip their apples in. I sat them down in their chairs at the table and then went upstairs to get their coats, some extra diapers, and p.j.s. I remember leaving the knife I used to cut the apples out on the cutting board. I know I should have put it in the sink but for some reason I left it out. As I was upstairs gathering the kids stuff for the evening out, I heard a strange noise from down stair and that eerie feeling I had all day caught up with me. As fast as I could I ran down the stairs, around the corner and into the kitchen. I couldn't believe the horror of what I saw.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Winifred " Wini-Penny"

1. I like broccoli (and any other food!)

2. I can't wear size 2T because the thighs are too tight and I can't wear size 3 beacause they are too long. I now just wear stretchy pants and I look good in them.

3. I have 82 binki's and I stash them all over so that I don't ever have to go without. I like to call them "uh-oh kinky's"

4. I am the boss of the whole family including my brothers. Just ask any of them and they will verify.

5. I like to have baby powder for every diaper change. In fact if my parents forget it I ask for it by name.

6. I am widely reguarded as the world champion of butterfly kisses. (acording to my mom and dad)

Wolfe and Teddy's tag

Here are Wolfe and Teddy facts

1. I love chicken nuggets. I can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner and I like to scream when I pass a McDonalds so that my mom will turn around and get me chicken nuggets.

2. I can talk. I just choose not to.

3. I don't want to look at you so stop making me.

4. I am obsessed with my Papa. I can just sit on his lap and stratch off his face all day. I like to hit him and go for rides in his car.

5. I like my blue and white striped shirt and don't try to make me take it off... EVER.

6. I like to color cars. I don't need paper, I can use the walls or the tables, and I don't need pencils, I can just used a knife and scratch it in the table.

1. I prefer to describe colors by reference rather than by name. ie.. yellow=transformer, green=bad guy, blue=batman, red=op prime and so on...

2. I like it when my dad wears "mickey mouse, long on his neck." (mickey neck tie)

3. I like to wear my "huckslee pants" pants with a flannel liner. (please see elmo in grouchland for huckslee reference.)

4. I negotiate everything!!! My bedtime, my wardrobe, my punishments, my food, my seating positions in the car, and my parents plans for the day.

5. I am a ninja.

6. I am in charge of Winifred!!!

Now I will tag...

1. Winifred Mary Strasser
2. Homer Esplin
3. Thomas Morgan (Jr.) Not you uncle "Tea Bag"
4. Violet Morgan
5. Atticus Morgan
6. Hazel Jacoba Morgan

Tag I am it?

Well, I better hurry up and do this because I am not sure what will happen to me if I don't. I have nothing interesting to say so...enjoy.

1. I always wear sandals. It does not matter if it is snowing, raining, freezing, sunny, hot, cold whatever, I always wear sandals. My feet get clostrophobic if they are in shoes and the worst ever is socks. I hate putting them on and having them snag on my dry, cracked heels.

2. I am very lazy. Shocker, I know. I could just laze around all day. I am so lazy in fact that I want to get a golf cart to go to the mail box or the neighbor's house. Morgan said no of course but I am very lazy. My kids bed time gets later and later every day because I am too lazy to get them ready for bed.

3. I love driving around by myself at night. The reason is because I can space off and sing as loud as possible. I am a terrible singer so I really need to be alone to do it so that I belt out as loud as possible and pretend like I am auditioning on American Idol.

4. I love Sweet Valley High. I have read all the books including Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley University. I bought them all off ebay a few years ago and every now and again start the adventure over again.

5. I hate fruit pies and enchiladas sauce (the red one). Other than that I LOVE ALL FOODS. When I cook dinner I like to pretend I am doing a cooking show and get all my ingredients out before hand. I do it so often that Morgan thinks nothing of it and sometimes make a guest apperance on my show.

6. I don't share dairy products. I would rather just give up my ice cream or my glass of milk than share. And the worst is when someone comes over and drinks the last of the milk. I hate running out of milk.

Now the people I will tag: Joe, Beth, Joel, Lila, and Jennifer. I know it is only 5 but I don't have that many friends. Sorry. And if I break something for not completeing it then everyone has to pitch in for the medical bills.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OOPS! I did it again!

I notice a few spelling errors. My apologies. I also notice my video of Wolfe is titled "The Black Sheep". I realize now that it looks like I am calling Wolfe the black sheep, but actually I am calling my self the black sheep. Sorry Wolfie.

Super Morgan

Before viewing, please remember that I don't know what I am doing. I still haven't figured out how to download music onto my videos (any? help). So before playing, please turn off my music, I know it is hard to do because it is so good, and start humming the superman theme song (Tried to download but...)

I hope you enjoyed my short film. Please leave comments, without them I can not improve.

The black sheep

It seems as though everyone in the family are computer genius. Everyone does fancy fun stuff but I can't do any. I am not creative like the rest of the family either but I am going to try. This is my first ever try at making a movie. I know its boring but its my first time SO BACK OFF!! Just kidding. Please give your comments and criticism I need all the help I can get.

Music coming soon...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

She is soooooooooooooo cute.

I bought new baby shampoo the other day (cucumber and melon) and was washing Wini's hair with it. Teddy came in and said,"Oh mom, it smell so good, like Disneyland!"

(I had to find a cool picture of Teddy to out on here because he asked why he wasn't on computer too.)

Sara Strasser and The Blog of Secrets

Sara has grown up among the beautiful kids but she has never been one of them. Sara? She has always been the geek, the weirdo, the misfit. But not anymore! Suddenly Sara's got a friend who's got her back. The popular kids are talking to her. And she's got not one but three kids. Sara's not playing by the same rules anymore. In fact, she's out to break them all!

Style or Comfort??

My cute little baby likes to eat. She eats so much that now she can't fit in her jeans anymore. We lay her down and shimmy her pants up and she sucks in so we can button her and then she screams and cries because she can't sit up. We like her chubby so instead of cutting back on what she eats we switched her to stretch pants. Now she is free as a bird and can move as she wishes. I figured now she can move better and will just work off the extra weight so we can still feed her as much as she wants.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Diet

Does it count as not cheating if I ate three bowls of ice cream as long as that ice cream is 1/2 the fat? I am allowed to pig out if it is diet, right?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I am starting a blog and I don't know what I am doing. Check back a little while later.