Saturday, November 10, 2007

Style or Comfort??

My cute little baby likes to eat. She eats so much that now she can't fit in her jeans anymore. We lay her down and shimmy her pants up and she sucks in so we can button her and then she screams and cries because she can't sit up. We like her chubby so instead of cutting back on what she eats we switched her to stretch pants. Now she is free as a bird and can move as she wishes. I figured now she can move better and will just work off the extra weight so we can still feed her as much as she wants.


ajesplin said...

Poor Wini. I know how she feels. Nothing worse than a tight pair of jeans. Do her stretch pants have stirrups? That way they won't ride up at the bottom. Stirrups aren't stylish (except on a saddle), but they're oh so comfy.

Emily said...

I just want to pinch her cheeks! What a doll!