Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wolfe and Teddy's tag

Here are Wolfe and Teddy facts

1. I love chicken nuggets. I can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner and I like to scream when I pass a McDonalds so that my mom will turn around and get me chicken nuggets.

2. I can talk. I just choose not to.

3. I don't want to look at you so stop making me.

4. I am obsessed with my Papa. I can just sit on his lap and stratch off his face all day. I like to hit him and go for rides in his car.

5. I like my blue and white striped shirt and don't try to make me take it off... EVER.

6. I like to color cars. I don't need paper, I can use the walls or the tables, and I don't need pencils, I can just used a knife and scratch it in the table.

1. I prefer to describe colors by reference rather than by name. ie.. yellow=transformer, green=bad guy, blue=batman, red=op prime and so on...

2. I like it when my dad wears "mickey mouse, long on his neck." (mickey neck tie)

3. I like to wear my "huckslee pants" pants with a flannel liner. (please see elmo in grouchland for huckslee reference.)

4. I negotiate everything!!! My bedtime, my wardrobe, my punishments, my food, my seating positions in the car, and my parents plans for the day.

5. I am a ninja.

6. I am in charge of Winifred!!!

Now I will tag...

1. Winifred Mary Strasser
2. Homer Esplin
3. Thomas Morgan (Jr.) Not you uncle "Tea Bag"
4. Violet Morgan
5. Atticus Morgan
6. Hazel Jacoba Morgan


Amy Thurston said...

Most of those were already tagged, but since it is Teddy, I am sure he can negotiate it.
And wolfe, you shouldn't have to take off that striped shirt....EVER.

ajesplin said...

That was funny! Poor Wolfe. Take him to McDonald's on me.