Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well my homestudy went just fine. She wasn't at all interested in how clean my closets were, how organized all my toys were, and she didn't even acknowledge my sparkling base boards. She just visited with us for awhile and then spent about 5 minutes going through our house. Everything was good with the house except she wanted 2 out of the 3 window wells to have better covers on them. I basically stressed out for nothing as usual. I will hopefully be licensed this next week and then on the 12th I have one more course to take on medications and then I can turn in my application to medicaid. I have been working in this for nine months so it is hard to believe that I am almost done. Just 2 more weeks as long as everything goes well.

I was trying to do a new template for my blog and ended up erasing all my links to everyones blog and in the end, I have the same template I had when I started. I got really annoyed and haven't been blogging ever since (it happened 4 days ago but I usually check blogs 2-3 times per day). So I now have to go find everyones blog names again and put links to them all. Very annoying.

Well, that is all for now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Tomorrow (technically today, actually) I have my first home study. Someone from Health and Welfare is coming over to my house to interview my family and me and to inspect my house. I was very motivated a few weeks ago to get things done and be prepared but as time went on and I was overlooked I sort of lost my interest to keep up on my house keeping. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am not the tidiest person especially when it comes to laundry. I have been cleaning all day but keep finding any excuse to stop for several hours at a time. Finally after I finished Biggest Loser, I decided to start up with the cleaning. It is coming along but Teddy's room smells like pee. I can't really clean it because he is sleeping right now, and I can't open a window because he will then freeze to death. It is pretty boring and I don't want to clean anymore but I guess I will get back to it. Hopefully I pass and don't give them anymore excuses to not license me.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Time Around Here

It is the end of the month and so I have to finish up the birthdays for the month. I believe that there aren't any birthdays next months...right?

Happy Birthday Clayton! His birthday was 4 days ago. Clayton is my brother in law. His is a GREAT babysitter and my kids love it when he comes over to hang out. Hope you had a good day. My present it is the mail.
Happy Birthday Jennifer! Her birthday is today. She is my sister in law. She enjoys dressing up like Laura Ingles
J/K this is her costume for Christmas Caroling. Hope you have a great day. Even though I am seeing you tonight, I still put your gift in the mail, too.
Happy Birthday Katie! Her birthday was sometime in the 20's. Maybe the 21st?? She is my more racey sister in law (compare the two picture between sister in laws). She is very skinny except apparently she has a lot of junk in the trunk. Hope you had a great birthday! I'm still crocheting your gift but I think I my have the size wrong.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

FInally the perfect school!

Morgan and I have been talking quite a bit lately about our children's education. Public schools offer quite a bit these days but in so many areas they are still lacking. We really weren't sure what to do.

Then one day I was watching Judge Judy and I realized that there was an alternative school right here in Nampa that offers all of the specialized education that our kids need to have a bright future!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome To Manhood, Morgan...If You Were A Jew!

Today is Morgan Nish's 13th birthday!! It is hard to believe he is so old now. Morgan was such a sweet baby. He never cried and was very laid back. He is still the same now. He is too cool for his aunt now but I love it when he comes to town and I get to see him. My favorite memory of Morgan was when I went to Vegas to babysit the Nish kids. Becky and Wade went on a cruise and it was during the week so I had to get the Hayley off to school in the morning which I was not very good at. We were always running late so one day we all took off in a hurry and Morgan, Emma, and I were still in our p.j.'s. Hayley was the last one out of the house and apparently she didn't close the door behind her when she left. It was wide open when we got home. So naturally I sent the kids in first to make sure it was safe for me to enter (Morgan was around 4 and Emma 2). Back then Morgan had the CUTEST speech impediment ever! Once the kids entered the house and everything seemed clear so far, I then tried to send Morgan up the stairs to make sure it was safe for me to go up again. He walked up a few steps and then wouldn't go up any further. I kept trying to persuade him to go but he said,"Uh hu, dar a man up dere!" I went screaming and running out to the car (fortunately Emma and Morgan followed) and we spent the entire day at Kmart in our p.j.'s with no shoes until Hayley got home (I always felt safer with Hayley around). I of course told the story to Becky and she has never asked me to babysit again while she went out of town. I loved Morgan words that he made up. A few that I can remember are:
brrrrr = car
vroom = airplane
weee = slide
q = gun (my personal favorite)
He also had a funny one for fork but I can't remember. That is how all his words were. It was a secret code when he talked. Only Becky and Wade could understand him. I love Morgan very much and enjoyed having him a part of our family. So much so that I named Wolfe's middle name after him! Anyways we hope you have a GREAT birthday and MAZEL TOV (if you were a Jew)!
Morgan, Sara, Wolfegang Morgan, Teddy, and Wini

Again I had to steal this picture off Becky's blog. Please everyone, send me some pictures of your kids!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Day Late and Dollar Short

March is a busy month for birthdays. Yesterday was Amy's birthday. I meant to post something yesterday but got sidetracked and never got around to it. So I am doing it now. Happy Birthday Amy!! I am so glad she moved back to Idaho. It has been fun having a sister around. Amy really does a lot to help us out. She has loaned us cars, babysat, helped us move, and always comes over to our house for birthday parties (it is a long drive). She is always willing to help out me and everyone else. She is a good friend to everybody. If you are ever wondering what is going on in someone's life who you have not talked to in 5 years, just ask Amy because she just talked to them last week. I don't know where she finds the time to work 5 jobs, take care of her kids and house, have about 125 very close friends, and still manage to watch Alias. My favorite story about Amy is when we flew to Las Vegas last year and there was this really white trash girl sitting in front of us. She was cussing and swearing and being obnoxious. She was pretty slutting too. The whole flight she was talking very loudly, making plan to meet up with the guy sitting next to her and talking about how she is so excited to go to Vegas and get drunk and have fun. Everyone on the plane was really annoyed. As soon as we landed Amy walked straight over to this older couple and started joking with them about the girl. We walked with them to the train thing, rode with them to the other side of the airport, walked to together to get our luggage and left the airport with them. Amy was talking with them so easily and joking the whole time. I almost felt like I needed to give them a hug goodbye and was suprised that she didn't. When we finally parted ways with them I ask her how she knew them and she said that she never met them before in her life. She is always like that. She can talk to whoever and it seems as though she has always known them when in fact they are a total stranger. I am sure a lot people remember her. My kids just came over and I lost my train of thought.....Anyways, Happy Birthday, I love you, sorry I didn't get you a gift. I will get you one in a few months.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black Sheep Trailer

Okay, first read my previous post and then come back to this. This is one of those movies that you have to own. I haven't seen it yet but I am going to try and rent it. It looks like a GREAT script. If anyone has seen it, LEAVE A COMMENT!!! I have to know how it was.

Black Sheep....WAIT, DON"T GO YET!!!!

This morning when I checked my blog, I noticed that my counter had gone way up. I checked my site meter to see who was looking and was surprised to see that today I already had 32 people looking at my blog by 8:21 a.m. Then to my even more suprise I noticed that they were from all over. There was a few from United States (San Diego to New York) but a lot of them were from places like Germany (I had 10 different viewers from all around Germany), Taiwan, Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, and Austria. So I clicked on about half of them to see what they were looking at. None of them stayed for very long (in fact they instantly left) and they all entered my site on the black sheep page. I tried googling Black Sheep but the only interesting thing that came up was a super funny preview to a movie called Black Sheep (I will download for all to see in a minute) but that came out in March '07. I didn't find my black sheep page and I don't know what new has happened with a black sheep to get all these people looking. Obviously they had a hard time finding it too if they ended up on my page. If anyone has insight, let me know!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Birthday!!

This is a busy month for birthdays apparently. Today is Atticus FIRST birthday. He is such a cute baby and very happy. I am looking forward to getting to know him as he gets older. I wish that all my nieces and nephews lived closer so I could see them all more often. Having all these birthdays makes me realize that I don't have any pictures of my neices and nephews. I stole this one off of Katie's blog. So if any of my sisters or brother wants to send me pictures of their kids, I would love to have them.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Happy Birthday! Today is Hayley's Birthday. It should have been yesterday but since it was leap year, she had to wait a whole extra day to get her gifts. Hayley is such a funny girl and lots of fun to hang out with. We were all very obsessed with her as a baby but she always liked Jenny best (Jenny has glasses, yeseree). She used to think that I was her same age and if she had to go to bed then so did I. A few summers ago she came up to Idaho for a visit and I had a ton of fun with her. I wish I could have lived closer to her while she was growing up but have loved all the times have have got to spend with her. I hope you have a good birthday and get good gifts (although they couldn't top last years gift). We love you.
Sara, Morgan, Wolfe, Teddy, and Wini. I stole this picture from Becky's blog. She had a friend with her in it but I cut her out and the face Hayley is making is so much better when she is by herself.