Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wini At The Dentist

Wini went to the dentist earlier this month and had six cavities. Her first time ever having cavities and she is four. Seems a little young to me but I put all the blame on Teddy since he does the majority of the raising of her. We set up the appointments to do two at a time and space them out for one set per week. The first set she did okay with the shot but cried through the rest of it. The second time she cried through the entire thing starting before we even got into the room. So the dentist recommended Nitrous Oxide. I have tried Nitrous Oxide before and it didn't do a thing for me but I decided to try it on her anyways and boy was it so worth it!

It was just like the movies. She was singing and dancing the whole time. Every now and again she would randomly throw her arms up and give "thumbs up" for no apparent reason. It was very weird. A few times I even teared up because it was so stinkin' cute.
Here she is with the Nitrous mask on. Her eyes are a little glazed over and she looks upset but she kept giving me "thumbs up" so she must have been good.

She had a cavity on top and a cavity on bottom. I had them do both because I just wanted to get it over with. So she was pretty numb on one side of her face.

There is her famous "thumbs up" which she has never done before in her life and hasn't done since. As you can clearly see, her smile is just a bit crooked.