Thursday, June 9, 2011

Should We All Start Blogging Again?

It has been awhile since my last blog post. Wini has been to the dentist twice since my last post. She didn't have any cavities either time, by the way. It kind of seems like most of the blogs died. I used to get on everyday and would have multiple blogs to read every time. I was constantly thinking "Oh this would be a good blog post" or "I should take a picture for the blog". Now I hardly ever check. I only read the blogs that people advertise on Facebook and put an easy to click link on for me. When someone says that they updated their blog and to "go check it out" without the link being there, I never check it out. I guess I am a lazy web surfer. Facebook definitely ruined blogs. Why post a long blog and upload pictures when you can put a quick one liner on Facebook. So much less commitment. Facebook even takes away from having to text or call anymore. There is no more need for emails, invitations, to ask someone what is going on in their lives because you can do everything from Facebook. It is genius! The problem is, I have become bored with Facebook. It has become a chore to me. I know it is just a simple click and then and quick scroll down to read everything but it has lost its luster. I only ever get friend requests from dirty old men, my emails have all become junk, mass emails, and the status updates don't really update. Quite a few just make me curious or feel like I am left out of the inside jokes. And now people use the shuffle status updater. The shuffle status updater is kind of like reading bumper stickers from Spencer's Gift Store. I have had some good times with Facebook but now I am ready for the next big trend. I don't know if it exists yet or if I am just not on the up and up. I also have no interest in Twitter. It makes me think of Ashton Kutcher so it kind of bugs. I am feeling kind of like I am ready to go old school while I wait for the new and improved "Facebook". Blogs are kind of old school, right? It feels old school having to take the time to think of something to say and type out. It requires a lot more thinking than Facebook does. But what fun is a blog if too many people have stopped blogging. I want to read other people's blogs and be entertained by your lives again. There are a few of my internet friends who never stopped blogging but they are becoming far and few. I need other people to get back into it, for my sake. Entertain me, please.

Oh, by the way, I also had a baby since the last time I blogged.