Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Time Around Here

It is the end of the month and so I have to finish up the birthdays for the month. I believe that there aren't any birthdays next months...right?

Happy Birthday Clayton! His birthday was 4 days ago. Clayton is my brother in law. His is a GREAT babysitter and my kids love it when he comes over to hang out. Hope you had a good day. My present it is the mail.
Happy Birthday Jennifer! Her birthday is today. She is my sister in law. She enjoys dressing up like Laura Ingles
J/K this is her costume for Christmas Caroling. Hope you have a great day. Even though I am seeing you tonight, I still put your gift in the mail, too.
Happy Birthday Katie! Her birthday was sometime in the 20's. Maybe the 21st?? She is my more racey sister in law (compare the two picture between sister in laws). She is very skinny except apparently she has a lot of junk in the trunk. Hope you had a great birthday! I'm still crocheting your gift but I think I my have the size wrong.


Katie or Tom said...

Who gave you the rights to that picture?!?! Thank you Sara.

Size 18 tidy-whiteys said...

Sara!!! This pretty much made my day! I love you!!!

Katie or Tom said...

Undies- I am confused. Are you happy to be spotlighted on Sara's blog? Not nearly as happy as I was, that's for sure. Or happy to be next to my tight, round, not at all saggy behind?