Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome To Manhood, Morgan...If You Were A Jew!

Today is Morgan Nish's 13th birthday!! It is hard to believe he is so old now. Morgan was such a sweet baby. He never cried and was very laid back. He is still the same now. He is too cool for his aunt now but I love it when he comes to town and I get to see him. My favorite memory of Morgan was when I went to Vegas to babysit the Nish kids. Becky and Wade went on a cruise and it was during the week so I had to get the Hayley off to school in the morning which I was not very good at. We were always running late so one day we all took off in a hurry and Morgan, Emma, and I were still in our p.j.'s. Hayley was the last one out of the house and apparently she didn't close the door behind her when she left. It was wide open when we got home. So naturally I sent the kids in first to make sure it was safe for me to enter (Morgan was around 4 and Emma 2). Back then Morgan had the CUTEST speech impediment ever! Once the kids entered the house and everything seemed clear so far, I then tried to send Morgan up the stairs to make sure it was safe for me to go up again. He walked up a few steps and then wouldn't go up any further. I kept trying to persuade him to go but he said,"Uh hu, dar a man up dere!" I went screaming and running out to the car (fortunately Emma and Morgan followed) and we spent the entire day at Kmart in our p.j.'s with no shoes until Hayley got home (I always felt safer with Hayley around). I of course told the story to Becky and she has never asked me to babysit again while she went out of town. I loved Morgan words that he made up. A few that I can remember are:
brrrrr = car
vroom = airplane
weee = slide
q = gun (my personal favorite)
He also had a funny one for fork but I can't remember. That is how all his words were. It was a secret code when he talked. Only Becky and Wade could understand him. I love Morgan very much and enjoyed having him a part of our family. So much so that I named Wolfe's middle name after him! Anyways we hope you have a GREAT birthday and MAZEL TOV (if you were a Jew)!
Morgan, Sara, Wolfegang Morgan, Teddy, and Wini

Again I had to steal this picture off Becky's blog. Please everyone, send me some pictures of your kids!


Katie or Tom said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! I am so bad. I think I have been surprised at every birthday blog. It doesn't mean I don't love you all. I inherited forgetting birthdays from my mom. I won't be offended if you forget mine. Go ahead Sara, take the day of. I am surely going to forget yours.

Vegas Family said...

Sara, thank you for you kind tribute to Morgan. You were always an awesome babysitter. They loved having you come and stay.