Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black Sheep....WAIT, DON"T GO YET!!!!

This morning when I checked my blog, I noticed that my counter had gone way up. I checked my site meter to see who was looking and was surprised to see that today I already had 32 people looking at my blog by 8:21 a.m. Then to my even more suprise I noticed that they were from all over. There was a few from United States (San Diego to New York) but a lot of them were from places like Germany (I had 10 different viewers from all around Germany), Taiwan, Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, and Austria. So I clicked on about half of them to see what they were looking at. None of them stayed for very long (in fact they instantly left) and they all entered my site on the black sheep page. I tried googling Black Sheep but the only interesting thing that came up was a super funny preview to a movie called Black Sheep (I will download for all to see in a minute) but that came out in March '07. I didn't find my black sheep page and I don't know what new has happened with a black sheep to get all these people looking. Obviously they had a hard time finding it too if they ended up on my page. If anyone has insight, let me know!!

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