Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tag I am it?

Well, I better hurry up and do this because I am not sure what will happen to me if I don't. I have nothing interesting to say so...enjoy.

1. I always wear sandals. It does not matter if it is snowing, raining, freezing, sunny, hot, cold whatever, I always wear sandals. My feet get clostrophobic if they are in shoes and the worst ever is socks. I hate putting them on and having them snag on my dry, cracked heels.

2. I am very lazy. Shocker, I know. I could just laze around all day. I am so lazy in fact that I want to get a golf cart to go to the mail box or the neighbor's house. Morgan said no of course but I am very lazy. My kids bed time gets later and later every day because I am too lazy to get them ready for bed.

3. I love driving around by myself at night. The reason is because I can space off and sing as loud as possible. I am a terrible singer so I really need to be alone to do it so that I belt out as loud as possible and pretend like I am auditioning on American Idol.

4. I love Sweet Valley High. I have read all the books including Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley University. I bought them all off ebay a few years ago and every now and again start the adventure over again.

5. I hate fruit pies and enchiladas sauce (the red one). Other than that I LOVE ALL FOODS. When I cook dinner I like to pretend I am doing a cooking show and get all my ingredients out before hand. I do it so often that Morgan thinks nothing of it and sometimes make a guest apperance on my show.

6. I don't share dairy products. I would rather just give up my ice cream or my glass of milk than share. And the worst is when someone comes over and drinks the last of the milk. I hate running out of milk.

Now the people I will tag: Joe, Beth, Joel, Lila, and Jennifer. I know it is only 5 but I don't have that many friends. Sorry. And if I break something for not completeing it then everyone has to pitch in for the medical bills.


Erin Beck said...

Sara I hate sharing milk as well. So totally gross!! I like to drive alone and sing but I will also sing if I am not alone and if someone thinks I sound bad..well I really dont care. I hate to cook though and I love sweet vally high. My fav though is anything by judy bloom.

Amy Thurston said...

I don't like dairy much, without even sharing it, but sharing dairy really is the grossest thing ever! Could I be a guest on your show? Maybe tomorrow night? Around 6:00? I have noticed the sandal thing for the last few years and thought about giving you some socks for Christmas.

ajesplin said...

I cant' eat/drink dairy products with plastic bowls/cups/straws/spoons. And I can't share any of my food, dairy or not. You are the best cook! You should be a professional. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes, and telling me what to do over the phone!

Amanda said...

Very cool Sara. And your kid's ones were so cute! I miss you Sara! 123, 123,123, Owe! I feeeeeel Good!