Sunday, November 18, 2007

Winifred " Wini-Penny"

1. I like broccoli (and any other food!)

2. I can't wear size 2T because the thighs are too tight and I can't wear size 3 beacause they are too long. I now just wear stretchy pants and I look good in them.

3. I have 82 binki's and I stash them all over so that I don't ever have to go without. I like to call them "uh-oh kinky's"

4. I am the boss of the whole family including my brothers. Just ask any of them and they will verify.

5. I like to have baby powder for every diaper change. In fact if my parents forget it I ask for it by name.

6. I am widely reguarded as the world champion of butterfly kisses. (acording to my mom and dad)


Amy Thurston said...

I thought it said you had 82 bikini's, and I was like.....oh my do I!

ajesplin said...

Can I have Wini if you die?

Amy Thurston said...

It's FHVN!!!