Saturday, December 8, 2007

Meeting Santa

Today was my parents ward Christmas Party. Here are a few pictures for everyone to enjoy.

My mom feeding Wini. She is fun to feed.
Her just beng sweet.
Wolfe is very nervous.
Teddy requsted that we draw out a picture for Santa.

He wanted to make sure that Santa knew he wanted his

robot from a store, not made by an elf.

Wolfe wasn't going to sit on this perverts lap.

Wini was the only one not afraid of Santa
Wini still hungry as usual.
Teddy just has to copy everything Wini does.


ajesplin said...

Those are cute/funny pictures. Foot is a good after-dinner snack. Clears the pallet.

Katie said...

Winnie is really thinning out. Darn it! She is looking more and more like you. You know who else is looking more and more like you? Atticus! It is cool and all, but it has been done before. I was hoping for something new. I also think that if someone were to tie me in the "Best Genetic Material Mix" contest, you would come in a close second.

Emily said...

I love your kids! That little Winnie is too cute!

Vegas Family said...

I am with Emily. Wini is very cute even with a foot in her mouth.