Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Last Home Inspection

We just finished our last home inspection and we are all finished for the year. We have to get rechecked every year and do an extra 10 hours a year of continuing education but we are done for now. On Monday we will be licensed for foster care and in a week and a half I will be licensed for PCS. FINALLY!

Morgan is packing up right now to go camping with a friend. It is a little nice every now and again to have the house to myself for a day. The kids and I are going to go rent a movie (Enchanted) and get some cookies and have a fun night. They will all sleep in my room tonight because I get scared at night by myself and I need to blame every noise I hear on one of my kids. Other than sleeping I am looking forward to fun with the kids. Last time Morgan went camping I got the crazy idea to go roller skating. I won't be making the same mistake again and will be spending as much time as possible safely in my house.


Katie or Tom said...

My blog is just pictures of my kids without your sassy comments. You complete me.
So, I am confused. Are you done with all this inspection or not. More after you have a child placed with you?
I was going to see if you wanted to go grocery shopping with. I will let you ride in the cart UNBUCKLED. thrill junkie.

Amanda said...

If you need me to come over and spoon with you while Morgan is gone, let me know. Glad you are about done with the whole foster care certification fiasco.

Shed said...

Foster care is rad.

Amy Thurston said...

Dwight said he doesn't think he will be able to make the camping trip with Morgan, but thanks for the invite. If you get scared, call me, I will be over in a jiffy. Well, more like 30 minutes. So if it is a real emergency, just call 911.

abutler said...

Congrats on finally finishing up all your stuff for you foster care.