Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Smart Remarks-----Breaking Dawn


Well, I finished reading the book a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the book club to give my review. When I read Twilight, I was instantly in love with Edward. I couldn't eat or sleep and was very dissappointed that Morgan was not a vampire. I quickly read New Moon and Eclipse and when it was all over with I was so depressed. The only way to get over the depression and to start all over and re-read them. After 10 days I had read all three books, four times each and the depression was over. I was starting to feel okay about the fact that I was married to Morgan and he has to sleep at night and can't hear thoughts and doesn't have super strength...and then Breaking Dawn came out.

I was feeling hesitant to read it because I didn't want those feelings to come back. Fortunately this book wasn't as good as the others and when it was over I was okay with it. What I liked about the book:

I liked that Bella and Edward got married right away and that it wasn't all dragged out. I liked that she had a baby and became a vampire and I liked that the Volturi came and ruined everything. I also liked how it ended and I liked Bella's powers. I liked that Jacob finally got over Bella so that she wasn't constantly leading him on. And of course, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this guy:

What I didn't like about the book:

The entire book of Jacob.

I didn't like all the boring filler stuff. I felt like it went on and on sometimes. I didn't like that Jacob imprinted on Reneesme and speaking of Reneesme, I hated that name. Way groovy!!! I was also getting a little annoyed by Bella and Edward's love for each other. Yes yes we all know that you are in love. I was slightly annoyed by the fact that she was willing to sign her 3 month old baby over to a 17 year old teenager who had a crush on her because she couldn't live without Edward. She needs to take care of her responsiblities and live to raise her baby. I was also annoyed that she was only giving Jacob enough money to get by for a year!! He is raising your baby!! He is needing child support for the next 18 years.

Anyways, I enjoyed the book but out of the four, it was my least favorite. On a side note, I have been writing this post for 3 days now so if it sounds a little choppy, that is why.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the chuckles. I needed that. Good review Sara!

ajesplin said...

You write slow, I think. You need to fix your posting date so people will find this easier.

I don't know if I completely agree with you Sara. I LOVED the Jacob part. Though at times, I got confused because I kept forgetting it was his POV, not Bella's. How could you not like that section? I have a sneaking suspicion that you don't like Jacob? It this true? I think Steph should have written an entire book for Jacob, and have him imprint on a girl his own age... or my age. I'm not surprised that you liked the fact that she had a baby. You're baby crazy. But don't you think teen pregnancy is depressing?

Landeelu said...

Calling it "The Book of Jacob" makes it sound like scriptures or something.

And she only gave Jacob a year's worth of money because that is all she could find in the couch cushions.

I actually can read minds sooo.... right now you're thinking "Who is this commenting on my blog?"

Hi, I'm Memzy's cousin/Shed's cousin-in-law.

Amy Thurston said...

I thought I loved Jacob, then I thought I loved Edward, then it was Jacob, no Edward, no Jacob, no Edward......I'm so confused.
Sometimes I wish I was Renesme. But I would never bite mom on the boob, just Jacob.
Last night I loved Dwight.

sarastrasser said...

I love Jacob AND Edward. For awhile I was hoping Bella would just pick Jacob and have Edward just stalk her silently but the "Book of Jacob" was more boring than the scriptures (no offense) and I was depressed for him the whole time. I do think that given the opportunity, I would bite mom SOFTLY on the boob.

Memzy said...

Anyone would bite a boob. Just confess.

Jacob is funny. Fact.
Edward is hawt. Fact.
Why couldn't Stephenie Meyer find a way to give us both in one dood?

Erin Beck said...

Sara i bought the first book like 3 weeks ago and have yet to get it out of my trunk..I just dont think i can take another rejection..Edward sounds to good to be true and I dont think i have much to bring to the table so i rather not get involved, you know there was jason then Brett..I just cant handle Edward so i will leave it in the trunk and use my imagination..by the way, this is Erin, your sister

kimbell said...

I loved Jacob and found Bella's love for Edward to be a bit on the crazy obsessive love side. My favorite part was all the doin it on the honeymoon. who doesn't want to wake up all bruised??

joei said...

i agree about the book of Jacob but i think it needs to be in because of the whole Bella being preganet. (wrong spelling i think) lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sara, I i don't know. I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn. Yea the whole Jacob thing could've gone better, but it was still good. I found the parts most interesting when it was just Bella and edward. I also found tha this was really cute for them to love eachother like that. I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN! to bad he's not real

Anonymous said...

i love edward cullen than all you guys put together (no affence).
i agree with some of you points (like the Jacob bit drags on a little bit but still i like it). and i also disagree (i think Bella's love for Edward is not obsesive.
i think the review was great.

(by the way you don't know me)


Anonymous said...

I kinda disagree in some parts., I hated the 3rd book, no I didnt hate the BOOK but I hated Bella. She could of had a relationship with Jacob when Edward wasnt around but she just had to wait for him to come back to be all fickle.

Its a good thing that Breaking Dawn came out coz all the hatred towards her was washed a way (well not all, but at least a lot).

I enjoyed reading Breaking Dawn than Eclipse. And it may be disturbing that Jacob imprinted on a baby but it was like as he explained to Bella as before when Quil imprinted on Claire. (Correct me if im confusing the names, there are too many wolves imprinted on whos who) Jacob stated that it wasnt really how it looked. Imprinting could be love as brother-sister, father-daughter, boy-girl.. (u know what I mean)..

And Bella handed Renesmee (I agree that I dont like the name either) to Jacob coz there would be no one else who could both protect and handle her needs the most if they were all gonna die. She couldnt hand them to charlie or any other regular human, they would be in danger and its not like they would be able to handle her whole hunting thing to eat. At least Jacob could do handle everything. And even if she was 3 months old she really wasnt actually., She grew faster remember., physically and mentally. And in 7 years she would be a full grown adult. And they wouldnt really need money., its not like you u need to pay for an entrance ticket to hunt in a forest. They would get by.,

At least everyone was happy., and Jacob got over Bella., If he didnt imprint on the baby Jacobs pack and the cullens might of been mortal enemies all over again., So all ended well.

Anonymous said...

you know, what i actually disagree about is that whole Volturi thing. i was completely hoping for a fight at the end. and i know it's great and all that everyone is still alive, and that i would hate the book if somone died, but i do have to say, it makes it so much better if it was somewhat realistic. taking the entire family and then being a pansy? PLEASE. i like happy endings and all, but the sadness would've made it better. i don't care that irina died, she didn't matter. but someone IMPORTANT should have died as well. don't take it easier on us STEPHENIE MEYER!
and i hated the whole prego thing. i know they used forshadowing with mentioning the whole immortal children thing earlier, but still. i think of the twilight series as a love story, not a family story. i mean, COME ON.

Anonymous said...

Love the part about being disappointed your man was not an immortal blood-sucker.I ,too, was genuinley heartbroken when Ihad to pull my nose out of the books and look over at my DH and then I remebered he was not going to be smoldering at me or trying in vain to read my mind. These mere mortal men!! Thanks a fat lot Meyers.... ruined it for me for good. lol. I Would totally turn leech and go for Cullen if he were real....BTW.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say.... I LOVED book 4!!!!!!! I just want to say that I am EVEN MORE in love with Edward after I read the excerpt from"Midnight Sun". OMG!!!! Breaking Dawn was awesome. I have to say that I am so mortally attached to the characters, the main ones, that I would have been seriously depressed if someone had died besides Irina. I loved the whole book. Jacob got a little tedious to see through, but I love him all the same.It made me see him a bit more clearly.I also think I need to defend Bella here... I think she had every right to kiss and love Jacob. She ended up making the right choice and Edward never even got mad. (I want to keep him, BTW) She was very confused by her affection for Jacob and by her overwhelming love for Edward. And HE left HER!!! Speaking of which, I cried through that whole book. Everytime Bella heard his voice, it took my breath away. Everytime she had to hold herself together, literally.. I got all choked up. I felt like I had lost Edward! Poor Bella. But things worked out wonderfully for everyone. And I am just gonna have to say... I would like, kill for endless nights with that man.Can I get an AMEN?!?

Anonymous said...

i just want to say that i think that jacob is so freaking stupid and i wish he didnt imprint on Reneesme because that is sick and wrong. i also think that edward cullen is so totaly HOT!

Linda said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Edward Cullen in all four books and I HATE Jacob Black. He is annoying and what he made Bella do to Edward in the third book. He made her kiss him to stay out of the fight...and than he fought. He also broke his promise that he wouldn't get hurt. I have always hated Jacob for that! He is so annoying. I hated the section in Breaking Dawn where it was Jacobs point of view.

Fufu said...

I love Edward so much and I also love how he and Carlisle marvel over how Bella is in the fourth book. I guess you could call it.....resistant. I also love when Edward is so overprotective. I HATE Jacob and I was happy when Bella tried to kill him for imprinting on her baby. The books are awesome and I'm obsessed with them. I got My friends to read them. Just so you know I am positive that they are going to make New Moon. They already met their goal witch was 150 mil

Elaine said...

ok are you crazy the fourth book was phenominal. and yes i was also annoyed by jacob and especially when he forced Bella to kiss him. but anyways i love the name Renesemee! it just too adorable. But i do agree with you on the other things. and EDWARD (ROBERT PATTINSON) IS THE HOTTEST GUY EVER!! if someone thinks he is ugly then they r just blind!!

Tristlyn said...

how can you hate the book there all good and you are so stupid you losers