Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night I went to see Twilight at midnight because I just couldn't wait any longer.

Chapter One:
The Experience.

I was more excited to see this movie than I was for my own wedding day (no offense Morgan but you said the same thing about the Fiesta Bowl so now we are even). We arrived at the movie theater an hour and a half early and there was no where to sit. There were 11 in my group and we were supposed to meet another group as well. So they let us go into another theater that had room for us. The theater filled up pretty quick and soon there was estrogen everywhere. Lots of cameras flashing, screaming, and women (not girls) running up and down stairs goofing off. I was so excited. Here we are "flanking it". It took awhile to explain how to "flank it" but after awhile people were catching on.
Of course I wore my Forks, Washington sweatshirt. People were soooo jealous of me when I told them I bought my sweatshirt in Forks.

That is my ticket. I will keep my ticket stub forever. It was the best night EVER!
Chapter Two:
The Movie.
Mt heart was pounding as I waited to see Edward face appear on the screen. Once he arrived, it did not matter that Charlie's driveway was concrete even though we all know it was made of brick or that Billy Black and Jacob did not arrive to Forks on Bella's first day of school or that Bella wore a wrinkley tan skirt to the Cullen's house not jeans or the fact that Edwards bedroom was way too small and a king size bed with feather pillows could never fit in that. All that mattered was Edward. He was so hot with his white face and poofed up hair. His buggy eyes were calling to me and suddenly I was the only person in the movie theater.
What I LOVED about the movie:
Edwards hotness. Edward was so hot.
Bella. She was very pretty. Now I understand why Edward loved her. It was because he couldn't hear her whiney and annoying thoughts and we could in the book but in the movie, we couldn't hear her thoughts either and what do you know? I liked her.
Edward and Bella together. I think they had good chemistry and I enjoyed watching the lion fall in love with the lamb.
I liked that they changed it to have James and Victoria in the movie more. It made it more action-y and also helped build their characters for future movies.
I liked that they left the end open with Victoria for the next movie.
I thought the movie in general was fun to watch and I really liked it. I am in love with Edward all over again.
Now the bad news. I hate to say this because I love him so much and I want to blame everything on Bella but Edward was a little wierd with his eyes. He had crazy eyes. He also forgot to act like a human and blink. It was okay though because he is Edward and is hot. There was one scene that I lost it and couldn't stop laughing.

This is me re-enacting that scene. As you can see I am an excellent actress and Katie is not. The part when Edward was sucking James venom out of Bella was a bit hard to watch. Bella did an excellent job with her part. I believed she was in pain and I wanted Edward to make it go away but with a better expression on his face.

He is so hot.

This is me re-enacting Edwards buggy eyes and head movements. I really should be an actress, don't you think?

So hot!! I love him!! But now I feel depressed. I have that feeling again after I read the book for the first time. Why didn't I marry a vampire??!!! I love Morgan but he has to sleep, eat, shower, and blink....oh wait, I am glad Morgan has to blink. The only way that I got over the books before was to just keep reading them over an over until that feeling went away. Is that what I need to do to get over my movie depression because that could get expensive.
Anyone want to go see it again?


Hot Pants said...

I'm there with you. Remember who you are.

Cristin said... gize are totally torturing me ...seriously...torture!!!! ::crying::

Memzy said...

The first thing I wanted to do this morning when I woke up was to go see it again..........and again.....and again. Could you move here so we can get over the depression together? I have it BAD.

Landee said...

This is my favoritest bestest review I have ever read. I felt EXACTLY the same as you... every chapter. Getting out of Bella's head was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I'm seeing it tonight at 8:30p again. And then probably once more in Logan next week. And then maybe we'll squeeze it in in LesBois?

Me+Edward=good nights for Gty.

PS Were you not there when we pinky swore to never teach the Flankin' It sign to random people not associated with the SeattleSix? Geesh, Sara.

Jenny ESP said...


When he went, "Remember who you are," I whispered to Erin, "Also, return with honor and choose the right."

lovedkat said...

OK OK OK so i didnt think my face would be in the pic of sara sucking my blood and im so ticklish the whole thing was very funny and i couldnt quit smiling that whole night. if id known my ugly face was in the pic i would have put on a better pained looking face. and i have to admit that i have already seen it twice! and i will probably go again today! im very glad. i really enjoyed the movie i really didnt plan to go to it again at the theater but my husband was so ticked off that i went to a "horror" movie with out him that i had to take him to see it yesterday. and of course he claims to have loved every mintute of it. he thinks this new portrayl of vampires is awesome! HA he has to say that.

Katie said...

MMMMMMM ::drooling:: Edward.... I would totally take three days of burning hot pain to get him to bite on my neck.
And heck yes, i will go see it with you. Again, and again. Maybe we could sneak in and never leave, saves money.

eekareek said...

Excellent idea Katie!! Maybe a day of Edward will help me get over him. I wish they would have picked an uglier guy to play him. That might have made it easier for me.

All your husbands said...

Wait until you hear about all the girls we fantasize about and what we're actually fantasizing about-hint no neck biting

eekareek said...

Husbands- We know what you fantasize about. Football. From the moment you wake up until you fall asleep, all you think about is football. You sick perverts.

Anonymous said...

It's like I don't even know you and toadally didn't sit next to you. Besides the whole "REMEMBER MEEE I'M SARAAAA" thing. I forgot you tho.

ManicMandee said...

That is heelarious! I wish I could have seen it with you. What a big group you had there with you. And you were more excited for that than your wedding!!!

Maddie said...

i want to!!!! i saw it three times already i love that movie!