Thursday, May 22, 2008

What You've All Been Waiting For...

An update!
I finally got PCS certified. I got my medicaid provider number last week but then we had no idea what to do. Everyone we called gave contradictory information and I had no idea how to get a kid. Some people said it was so easy to one and others said it is very hard. I also found out that for some reason, they have had a lot of people wanting to be providers. It is frustrating after 11 months of trying to become a provider to find out that no one really knows what is going on. Today, though, as I was lazying around on the couch, watching Judge Judy, I got my first call. I was so excited talking with the lady that my voice was very high pitched the whole time and it took everything I had to not just accept the child without meet her or asking Morgan first. Anyways, we are calling her back tonight at 7:00 and if she hasn't found anyone else yet, then we will meet tomorrow. I am not allowed to give out personal information but she is a teenager and I think it will work out having her live with us.

Two weeks ago my friend had a baby. I got to go in the delivery room and watch her have it. It was very slimy and not nearly as sanitary as a c-section. I was impressed with how quickly she was up afterwards and she got to instantly hold her baby for a long time (I can't hold my babies until recovery). I think I still prefer c-sections because it was gross (sorry Katie) and I like my nice long vacation in the hospital. He was a very cute baby, 7lbs 3oz. She named him Fintin. Now when we go to the movies I have a sweet little baby to hold the whole time.
Isn't he cute. He should keep my desire to get pregnant down for a little while.

As I mentioned earlier, Wolfe is in baseball. It is more for Morgan and me then for him. He gets really bored.
He is so cute in his baseball cap, missing his front tooth.
Here he is about to bat.
I love this picture. He is alittle slow and needs Morgan to help him swing to actually hit the ball but we still let him try a few times by himself before we interveen.
Outfield is pretty boring so he just beats up on us the whole time. I don't know this lady in the picture, she just got in my way.
I know it looks like Morgan is handing him his bat but really Wolfe was trying to hit Morgan and he just caught the bat. It made a good picture though. It is fun to go and cheer him on. We have had a lot of supporters (mom, dad, Bailey Grandma, Amy, Steve and Katie) so Wolfe always has the biggest group cheering him on. Thanks guys for coming.
Wini has been wanting to potty train. She doesn't get how to do it but she loves to sit on the potty and sing songs. I am not very good about staying on her to go potty so nothing much has come of it. With Teddy, I just waited until he was old enough to get me saying "stop peeing your diaper". She is so funny. I love having a two year that can talking. They are so wierd.

Isn't her black eye precious.
Teddy's birthday was on the 9th. He turned 5 and was so excited about it. He had a very Iron Man-y birthday. He got lots of Iron Man stuff, costumes, action figures, cars. He was a great time. Amy and her family came, Jennifer and her family came, Grandparents and aunts and uncles were there too. It was a great time. I love him tons. He is too funny.

Happy Birthday Teddy!!!


ajesplin said...

I didn't know Wolfe lost a tooth! That is such a cute picture! I also love that picture of Wini, chilling on the toilet wearing her wife-beater and black eye. I'm glad Teddy had a good birthday! I love 5 year olds!

Good luck with getting a child! Did you mean the mom was a teenager, or the child was a teenager? That would be weird if you had a teenager. That's like my age.

Amanda said...

I got a rush when I saw an update on your blog. Yipee! And it was so entertaining too. Good luck with all of that.

Melissa said...

Good luck with your placement. I love the pictures of Wini. She's just so cute. Thanks for the update!

Katie or Tom said...

I am been waiting for this! I knew you had a lot of stuff going on and just didn't blog about it.
Wow, saw a birth? Yes, it is secretly really gross, but not even having a c-section, I can tell you it is WAY better.

sarastrasser said...

The daughter is a teenager. I too thought it would be wierd to have a child my same age.