Monday, May 26, 2008

The Gradute

A year ago, Teddy had qualified to go to developmental preschool. He was a little behind on his speech but he mainly he qualified because he was so shy during the testing that he wouldn't say anything. After a very long year of him not wanting to wake up, being too cold after his bath to get himself dressed, and not eating his breakfast quick enough because of that drop of milk staring at him from the table, he finally graduated. I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to summer time and not having to watch for buses for an hour and a half everyday. Wolfe still has another week left of school and then I am sleeping in for 3 months. Since many of you wanted to be at the ceremony so badly, I decided to post some pictures.
This is him lining up before walking down the aisle.
He is so nervous. He was trying to concentrate on not tripping.
That kid next to him was FUUUUUUUUUUNNY! He was very enthusiastic.
This is him getting his "diploma".
The after party.

This is his teacher, Miss "Mickey". Her name is really Vickey but Teddy can't say it right and since I thought Miss Mickey was cuter, I never corrected it.
He had a great year and is so much easier to understand. He is basically all caught up but still has to do 40 per week in resource room when he goes to Kindergarten but I think it is only for a few months. He is very cute and funny. We like him alot.


abutler said...

WOW! I guess it has been a long time since I looked at your blog. You have had a ton happen. I still remember when Micah graduated from "speech school". He was so cute. I actually miss how he used to talk. Good luck with the new addition to your fam.

ajesplin said...

Teddy shy? That must have lasted about one day. Congrats on graduating! I love summer!

Emily said...

That Teddy is just way too cute!! Your kids are all so good looking!

Amy Thurston said...

Maybe if you had graduAted you would know how to spell it. Love Ya!
Congratulations Teddy!

Leon and Janie said...

Ah, teddy is so cute. Wat a fun graduation party! I love your blog updates.

Amanda said...

That is so cute! It's funny, Vickie Owens was in our old ward. Really nice lady!

Katie or Tom said...

I like him! I need that boy to come and stay with me so him and Thomas can be best friends.

Memzy said...

So cute! And congrats on your girl!