Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Jenny, Happy 31st Birthday! Love Sara

Thursday (the 12th) was Jenny's birthday. I meant to post something earlier and have not had any time to do it. Fortunately no one else has gotten their post up either. Jenny and I were bestest friends growing up. We always hung out together and since she liked to be in charge and I just liked to follow, we got along quite nicely. She is very creative (if you don't believe me, then go look at her post) and can always get stuff done. She is a great mom, student, homemaker and she is very good with a microwave. We always had so much fun growing up. We were never bored. When I got married, my mom gave me 3 books that were filled with all my school work, my church stuff, my essays from when I got in trouble and other odds and ends. My favorite thing in the book is the contract Jenny wrote up and had me sign. It pretty much sums up our relationship growing up. Here it is, unedited:

I, Sara, promise never to break the morning rules whitch are the following: 1 must be totaly ready for school before finishing unfinished homework 2 be dressed before going to breakfast inless it's an emergely or if we both agree not to be dressed 3 we can't leave until the room is clean 4 hair must be done after we are dressed 5 put pigamages in laundry when your done - or you'll have to make the bed by yourself 6 no playing Netendo. and if I follow these rules Jenny won't boss me around, but if I do break these rules Jenny may boss me around me around about breaking the rules. But if Jenny bosses me around about something else, I can break one of the rules.

My favorite things about this contract are:

1. I never did homework so it was not neccessary to include the part about unfinished homework before getting ready for school.

2. Our room was always a big mess and I wore my p.j.'s to school.

3. The fact that Jenny can't spell.

4. I was 12 and she was 15 when we wrote this contract.

Anyways, Happy Birthday! I love you!! Below is a little tribute with all the pictures that I have of you. I hope you enjoy it.

Sorry, this is the only picture I have of you on my computer.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the memories and laughs. You and Jenny were so fun to be with growing up and still are great to be with. Happy Birthday to Jenny!

ajesplin said...

My favorite part of that contract is the fact that you signed it. And I really believe it stands the test of time because, if I wrote that contract today, I'd still spell everything exactly the same way and you'd still sign it. Cord and Gus really remind me of me and you as kids.

Thanks for blogging my birthday (and plastering my age all over the internet). Now I'm off to read ALL my other birthday tributes! Bye.

Katie or Tom said...

Don't you just love that girl? Jenny made me sign a contract to promising not to boss me if I followed these rules
1-Alaways emale her if I update my blog
2-Alaways show up to a planed event with hair bruched.
3-Not blog untill all my choars are done.
Really, I think she is just trying to help me out.

ajesplin said...

Waz up, Sara? I'll see ya in about a week! Parteeeeeeee!

Memzy said...

Contracts are awesome. I only wish I had the smartlyness to keep stuff like that from when I was a kid. And then to know where to find it when I needed to make a rad post like this.