Friday, September 12, 2008

Wini Penny

Today is Winifred's birthday!!!!! She is 3 years old. I love her and am so glad I had her. She is super funny and way smart. She has lots of creative ideas. She is a chunky little girl and so much fun to squeeze and squoosh. Wini and Teddy are best friends and play so well together. Wini is the kind of kid that can sit and play with toys for hours by herself. She is pretty well behaved and I am so pround of her. I love her sweet little voice and all her speech impediments. Here are some recent pictures of her: Wini and her BFF, Teddy.
My little rag-a-muffin at Jump Creek.
Three years ago I had my baby girl. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I instantly loved her. Morgan was quite annoyed that I was pregnant and even more annoyed when we found out it was a girl (he wanted only boys so we could form a football team. Seriously.) The second I had her though he was in love. She has been the apple in his eye ever since and he spoils her. Here she is 3 years ago:
The first time I "held" her. One arm was still tied up and I was still being sewn back together.
Morgan being happy even though it was a girl.
Her first bath.

I am looking HOT!
Her nose was so cute and big.

The beginning of their friendship.

Just had to throw this one in of Wolfe because it makes me laugh.


Amy Thurston said...

Happy b-day Wini! I can't wait for the big party at Chucky Cheese!

You look so young....babies having babies.

ajesplin said...

Happy Birthday Wini! You precious, precious thing.

(Sara, you should have named her Apple since she's an apple in Morgan's eye! Bummer. Oh well.)

Vegas Family said...

Happy Birthday Wini! She is a SUPER DUPER CUTIE!

Mary said...

Happy B-day, Wini! I had a great time at the party; thanks for the invite.

Amanda said...

Ok, Wini is my favorite but don't you other kids that. It's rude. She's SOOOO cute!

Memzy said...

That first pic of she and Teddy is FRAME-worthy. Nail that puppy UP. She is super cute and I love 3 yr olds. I'm sorta sad my Char is 4. ::sigh::

ps you DO look sooper hawt.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! She is so cute. I had to get her a treat to keep her chubby.

erin said...

Happy Birthday Wini! She is so adorable! She looks just like you Sara! I'm sure she is just as sweet as she looks!

abutler said...

She is the cutest little girl EVER (besides my own of course.) Happy Birthday Wini!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness she is cute!!!!!! Happy Birthday Wini!

lovedkat said...

YES Yes Yes she is perfect as always...... she is a joy to be around, your so lucky with your perfectly awesome children....when are you popping out number 4?