Tuesday, March 3, 2009

With The Times Now

We got a new computer! And moniter! I don't which one I am more excited about! See all my exclamation points! That is how excited I am! Our old computer (and when I say old, I mean OLD) was running so slow that even though we have the super high speed internet, our computer made it run like a dial-up. I took literally 10 minutes just to open Itunes and to sync one song onto my ipod would be over a minute long. I tried a few weeks back to download a movie onto my ipod and and it was two hours to sync it. VERY ANNOYING. Anyways we decided to break down and buy a new computer before this one was completely dead. It is very shiny and pretty and has a nice red strip at the bottom. I also no longer have the gigantic moniter that was so dim I had to close the blinds and turn out the lights to see. Now I have one of those flat screen kind. It is very exciting. Sorry I can't show you any pictures of our new computer (cuz I know you are dying to see it) but I am too lazy to do that right now. Also, I would feel a little bad taking the computers picture when I haven't taken a single picture of my kids since Christmas. I got to do them first even though my computer would never talk back to me or smear poop all over the toilet seat, or make hugh messes everywhere it goes or want me to feed it at meal times. I am not saying I love my computer more than my kids, I am just saying......

And in other news, Morgan got me a puppy for Valentines day. It is sooo cute. He is a miniature schnauzer. We named him Otto. He has the schnauzer cut and is so funny. Morgan made up for the fact the he didn't really acknowledge me on Valentines Day and lectured me weeks prior about how he HATES the day by bringing him home that night. He pounces around the house and even Wolfe can't resist him. He tries to squeeze him to death. Seriously, I can't leave them alone unsupervised or else he will squeeze him to death. We still have that other dog but he is just not cute anymore compared to Otto. (J/K we still love Duke but he really isn't as cute as he used to be compared to Otto) So needless to say, Morgan has been getting away with things more now that he was the hero of Valentines Day.

And I should mention the fact the Morgan went back school in January. So far he is doing quite well. He is getting 100% on his tests (except for his music class which was the one he took for a supposedly easy A) and he is the jerk who is setting the curve in his classes. I am proud of him for doing so well. Hopefully time will fly by while he is in school.

My big annoucement though is that we are unpacking. We have lived in our house for close to 2 1/2 years now but I just really haven't felt like unpacking until now. I have found all sorts of treasures, things that I don't know how I have gone with out, like my grill cheese sandwich maker and my hand mixer and some nick nacks. I also started hanging up pictures. Hopefully those cock-eyed door to door salesmen will stop asking me if I am just moving in. It is so tacky to assume.


Memzy said...

Wha? You're ALIVE!!??!!

Sooper essited about your new computer!!!!!!

Katie said...

I missed you so much!

I love that little doggy too. I would love to squeeze the life out of him.

Tom hates Valentines day too. He got me a BJ, (The food place you sicko) Pizza. He got food for the kids to, so it doesn't count.

Also, you are really hard to get a hold of so I am asking you on your blog what you want me to bring to dinner. If I don't hear from you, I am bringing Memzy's lemon cake. I have been looking for a reason to make it since she posted the recipe.

Landee said...

Yay!!! I'm gonna use this story in sacrament meeting sometime cuz I totally fasted that you'd start blogging more this past week.

We have a miniature schnauzer too! She is, like, 10 years old and has turned into a grumpy old woman but we wuvs her.

PS My SIL called me today and her cell phone said it was from Nampa... for a second (like, until I answered it) I was SO EXCITED thinking it was you. You wouldn't believe the excitement that was coursing through my veins. I'm not saying I was totally let down when it wasn't you but yeah, I've been on suey watch for the past 12 hours.

Jenny ESP said...

Sara!!! What the H? Quite a surprise to see you back in business. New compy better mean more blog action, cuz what else are you gonna do with it? Post pictures of new compy ASAP. And your kids and dogs too.

Leon and Janie said...

Sara, that was a very fun posting! What people are suppose to give gifts on Valentine's day? Who knew? I love your little Otto Too! I'm glad that you got a new computer.

ManicMandee said...

Have heard from you in forever! Good to get a good update. Congrats on all that. What's Morgan planning on majoring in school?